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Mojave 3 – In Love With A View chords

In Love With A View


C, Am, Em, F

C Am Em FI had a plan that was built on thinking too long
C Am EmCanadian winters at home with your sister
F CThe romance was hard to ignore
Fyou were beautiful
CI was happy to fall
Am, Em
F C so happy to fall
Am, Em, F
CI remember you searching
Am EmI thought you were searching
F Cthat's how I picked up the phone
F EHappy to hear you remembered the view
Am Fso glad to assume it was fate
F CI thought at the time it was clear
F CI thought at the time it was clear
Em, F C, Em, F C, Em, F, F
CSo I stood at the station
Am Em Fa plan and a pocket of poems
Cheroically tragic
Am Em Fbearded and blind with obsession
CI'm a car without hope
Am Em Fto close to the ditch to go far
CI showed you my field
Am EmI said this is my field
Fbut you weren't impressed
C Em F
C Em F C You said why are we here
Em F C Your motives are clear
Em F C In this room with a view
Em Fand so much of you
C Fis so far from here
C Fit’s so far from here
C, Am, Em, F(solo)
C Ammy heart
Em FIt just fell apart
C Am[apart]?
Em Fby the sound of your voice
CAnd I wished I could show you
Am EmThe same view
Fof you by the window
C Em Fand me feeling fine
C Em FAnd me just feeling fine
C Em FYeah me just feeling fine
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