Moloko – Over Over chords


C Am EmNo I won't interfere
C Am EmI'm the only sound you'll ever need to hear
C Am EmListen to my breathe so near
C Am EmAllow me to be every noise in your ear
CSince that day I wake up early
AmEvery morning which is good
EmBut my stomach's churning, call me,
It would be nice if you could
CSome days I question
The suggestion
AmYou might not exist at all
EmCan we meet and talk it over
Would you be kind enough to cal
COver and over
AmIt's over all over
EmAnd over and over and over
And over..... No there's no middle ground Your off in another story Or merry-go-round No there'll be no measured terms You fly in the face of the way the world turns Like a frozen tidal wave Since that day I'm standing still You brought me here and I accept Though you regret I never will Just one sweet word And then a smile from you Is almost worth everything I've given all I had to give But you gave up giving in You are everywhere I go All the places we have been I can't imagine where you are For you are all I've ever seen Over and over..... All I've ever known All I've ever seen Places that I go Places that we've been
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