Mondo Generator - Four Corners tab

So...i just figured out this part of the song, on accident basically, and
i wanted to learn the rest of it, but there was no tab. So, i decided to
tab this much of it and soon enough i will figure out the rest and tab it.
This sounds pretty right to me, but if you don't think so then let me know,
My email is Also if anybody knows the rest of the song
and would be able to let me know that would be well appreciated. thanks and

e|-------7------------- ---------------------------------7--------------|B|---7-----7-----7--7-- -----------10----------------7-----7-----7--7---|G|-8---8-----8-9------- x2 ------9-------9-11-9-11s8--8---8-----8-9--------|D|--------------------- --s11---11--------------------------------------|A|--------------------- ------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------- ------------------------------------------------|
this is basically half the song, it goes on til 2:30
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