Monkees – Monkees Theme tab

			Monkees Theme

>"Here we come...
> walking down the street..
  we get the funniest looks from
  everyone we meet

                     C      C7
  Hey Hey we're the Monkees...
        F            G         C   C7
  and people say we monkey around
       F         G    C         C7
  but we're too busy singing
      F      G    Am
  to put anybody down

there are a couple other verses... one of 'em is

  anytime anywhere
  just look over your shoulder
  guess who'll be standing there

and there's a repeat of the chorus, only in D:

       F     G      A
  ... put anybody down
                            D      D7
  we're just trying to be friendly
   G                A        D     D7
  something mumble sing and play
   G          A        D     D7
  we're the young generation
      G       A           Bm
  and we got something to say

and I think there's an E chord in the break to lead back to
another verse which starts on Am but I forgot the words
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