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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 09:48:06 -0600
From: Terry Kolb 
Subject: CRD: monkees/nine_times_blue.crd

by Michael Nesmith

I got this off of a tape the my friend made me.  It's different from the
Headquarters CD track, and this is what I've figured out.  I'm not sure if
the B7-G in the chorus is right.  If anyone has any questions, please email


Intro:  G-D-G-D-Em-C-D-D-G

Vs 1:

	    G			 D
There's a certain something in the way
     G        D       Em
You looked at me and said you'd stay
      C               D             G
That let me know that I was out of line
       G                D
But I didn't know what else to do
     G      D      Em
And like a fool I tested you
      C                 D                 G
By demanding things of you which weren't mine.


    C     D    G      D      Em
And now I feel   like such a fool
    C          D             G
For making you crawl back to me
  But you did it with such love
  That you're standing far above
Me and all I did to you
I'm sorry now, what can I do?

Vs 2:

I know that never in the world
Could I have found me such a girl
Who's there to pick me up before I fall
And if in the end we should go
Both our separate ways
I know the lessons I've learned here is worth it all.

(Vs 2.)
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