Monkees – Tear Drop City tab

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                            "Tear Drop City"
                       (Tommy Boyce / Bobby Hart)


(Ab) [N.C.] v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| ---6-46-46-46----|---6-46-6--------| ----6-----6------|----6--6---------| -4-----4-----4---|-4-------4-------|
Verse 1: Ab7 About as low as I felt in a long time And I know that I did a-wrong at the wrong time Db Eb It's plain to see, she's down on me Ab7 And I know she'll feel that way for a long time [1: repeat last bar of intro] Verse 2: I was high on top but I didn't know it (tear drop city) Tell me, why did I have to go and blow it (tear drop city) I used my lines too many times And now I've got a badly hurt heart to show it (tear drop city) Bridge: E Took me too long to discover How much I really love her Gb How'd I ever end up in this bag [1: Eb 2: (Gb)] [N.C.] What a drag Verse 3: There she goes looking for greener clover (tear drop city) No one knows what it's like 'til it's over (tear drop city) Without a doubt, I just found out And I suppose I never did get to know her (tear drop city) Db [N.C.] Tear drop city, tear drop city [repeat intro] [repeat bridge] Coda [repeat to fade]: B7 About as low as I felt in a long time (tear drop city) -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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