Monkees – Sometime In The Morning chords

Written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin 1966

Intro:  E   Esus   E   Esus

E F#mSometime in the morning
G#m F#m BA simple thought may occur to you
E F#mAnd you hold her
G#m F#mAnd tell her all the things you never told her
A EYour love has shown me things
A EI never thought I could see
BI didn't know ( I didn't know)
A EIt could be done so easily.
B Now I know (Now you know)
A BYou're where it is for me
E F#mSometime in the evening
G#m F#m BYou're sitting there by the fireside
E F#mAnd she'll touch you
G#m F#m A EAnd you'll realize how much you never knew before
A EHow much you couldn't see
BYou didn't know (you didn't know)
A EIt could be done so easily
BNow you know (Now you know)
A BShe's all a girl could be
A E B ENow in her childlike eyes
A EYou see the beauty there
A EYou know it was always there
A F# BAnd you need no longer wear a disguise
E ASometime in the morning
E BYou'll just reach out and she will be there
A BClose as the summer air (doo, doo, doo doo...)
E BSometime in the morning she will be there
E B B A E Some time in the morning she will be there (End)
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