Monkey Steals The Peach – Robot tab

 ok guys this was me and my school bands song and yes it was just a stuff around band 
a music class but made this song that was really fun to play

enjoy!! =D

both guitars intro/chours e|-------------------------------------------------| b|-------------------------------------------------| g|-------------------------------------------------|play this twice then d|-5555-8888-7777777--5555-8888-7777-12121212------|more times a bit slower a|-3333-6666-5555555--3333-6666-5555-12121212------| E|-3333-6666-5555555--3333-6666-5555-10101010------|
play 5 times first before next part. Verse v e|-----------------|-------------------------------------| b|-----------------|-------------------------------------|guitar 1 Plays the g|-----------------|4-4-4--------------------------------|first bar once before d|1-1-2-2-5-5-4-4--|4-4-4--------------------------------|guitar 2 comes in. a|3-3-0-0-3-3-2-2--|3-3-3--------------------------------| E|-----------------|--------------------------------|----|
e|-----------------|--------------------------------|----| b|-----------------|-------------------------------------|guitar2 g|-----------------|-------------------------------------|play this 4 times d|-----------------|4-4-4-12sssss5-----------------------|before nexted bar. a|1111222255554444-|4-4-4-12sssss5-----------------------| E|3333000033332222-|3-3-3-10sssss3-----------------------|
the song goes by this order bass/drum intro (sorry i cant remeber these tabs its been too long) chours verse chours verse chours x 2 then end the song in a made up beak down or just ring out a power chord i hope you enjoy this silly song and please if you want to re-make the song and it better go ahead thanks !! =D
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