Monte Montgomery - Wishing Well chords

                        Monte Montgomery - Wishing Well
Tabbed by: psychiccheese
Tuning: standard

Chords Used: E Aadd9 E* G#m F#m Badd9 A* A5e|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|B|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|--4--|-----|G|--1--|--2--|--1--|--X--|--X--|--4--|--2--|--6--|D|--2--|--2--|--2--|--6--|--4--|--4--|--2--|--7--|A|--2--|-----|-----|--6--|--4--|--2--|-----|--7--|E|-----|-----|-----|--4--|--2--|-----|-----|--5--|
Listen to the song for strumming patterns
EIn the corner of a box marked lost and found
Aadd9 E*I find myself again
ELining the bottom of a wishing well
Aadd9 E*with other dreams that might have been
EFlattened by the pressure of what's coming down
Aadd9 E*I'm relying on faith second hand
Aadd9 G#mI used to be an average man
Aadd9 E*with bigger than average plans
Aadd9 G#m F#mSomehow I got lost along the way
Badd9and now I'm here
E Aadd9Don't you know that you could be the one to set me free
E Aadd9 A* Aadd9 AI've waited all my life to be someone somebody could see
G#m F#m G#mYou can find me still in the corner of a box
A5 Badd9marked lost and found at the bottom of a wishing well
E [Intro Riff]
EBurdened by the weight of a wrecking ball
Aadd9 E*I'm defining my own sense of worth
EI want to bathe my soul in the light
Aadd9 E*as religion finds me immersed
EDestitution knows me by name
Aadd9 E*While the trick is to sit where you stand
[Chorus] I'm caught shuddering by myself each wish in the shape of a coin Legal tender for wishes thrown as the water reflects the unknown The tide rips through the surface of time But I can't think of when it began [Chorus]
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