Mooney Suzuki – Naked Lady tab

Band:Mooney Suzuki
Song:Naked Lady
Album:Alive and Amplified
Tuning: E A D G B E


This is very hard to get used to unless you're an ace guitarist, it took me about 2
hours just to work this out. I think the A bit is wrong as well.

E7e---------0------0-----------|B-----3---3---3----3-0-------|G-------1-----1--------2-0---| x3D-2------------------------2-|A-2-2------------------------|E-0--------------------------|
D Ae-2-------2--------|-0-------0-------|B-3---3---3--3---3-|-2---2---2-2---2-|G-2-2---2------2---|-2-2---2-----2---|D-0----------------|-2---------------|A------------------|-0---------------|E------------------|-----------------|
This repeats a few times in the song apart from at the start. Its a great song but i don't think the A chord part is right. It still sounds good on a decent acoustic though.
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