Moore Christy – Go Move Shift tab

Born in the middle of the afternoon
     D                          G   Am
In a horse drawn carriage on the old A5
The big twelve wheeler shook my bed
D          Am        D         Em
"You can't stay here" the policeman said


Am         G       D          Em
You'd better get born in some place else
   Am          G          Am          G
So move along, get along, Move along, get along
F   G     Am
Go! Move! Shift!

Born in the common by a building site
Where the ground was rutted by the trail of wheels
The local Christian said to me
You'll lower the price of property


Six in the morning out in Inchicore
The guards came through the wagon door
John Maughan was arrested in the cold
A traveling boy just ten years old

Mary Joyce was living at the side of the road
No halting place and no fixed abode
The vigilantes came to the Darndale site
And they shot her son in the middle of the night


Wagon, tent or trailer born
Last month, last year or in far off days
Born here or a thousand miles away
There's always men nearby who'll say

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