Moore Dorothy – Misty Blue tab

Intro  Eb////Ab////Eb////Ab//// 

Eb  Eb+  Fm Bb  Eb

Middle Climb (after "heaven knows I've tried)
Gm Ab   Bb  Eb   
This is from the Soundtrack to Phenomenon, which has other interesting tunes 
as it was produced by Robbie Robertson (The Band). He plays on Crazy Love a 
remake of a Van Morrison tune by Aaron Neville. I stumbled onto this site and 
saw that you were requesting music areas such as blues and jazz etc. This 
would fall under Rhythm and Blues I believe. Hope this meets all the criteria 
for submission. The number on the back of the CD is 9362-46360-2 (Catalogue 
#?) On Reprise
In addition I have found out that this tune is originally from 1976.
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