Morbid Angel – Thy Kingdom Come tab

Morbid Angel
Thy Kingdom Come
Tabbed by Robert Nunez

I’m sure you guys know most of the signs, such as the the ones for sliding and palm muting, so I wont post’em, if you don’t well check someone else’s tab or something

·	The intro is actually the main riff for most of the song there’s a couple of variations of it as the song goes on. This is repeated a couple of times I don’t think I need to tell you how many, then there’s a little pause but the notes are the same so this is the intro.

Riff 1[-----------------------][--------------------------][-----------------------][--------------------------][-----------------------][--------------------------][--------------66-----5-][---------------5/6------8-][---8/7/8--44--44-66--3-][---8/7/8---44--3/4---2--6-][---6/5/6--22-----44----][---6/5/6---22--------4----]
Riff two, this is a little tripped out but play it as you hear it and you’ll get it, the tempo is a little weird but that’s what makes it so cool to play.
Play once Riff 2 play this a couple of times just a little variation[--------------------------][-----------------------][--------------------------][-----------------------][--------------------------][-----------------------][----------7---------------][-----7-----------------][----------7---------------][-----7-----------------][---666666---2/555555/4h5p4][---66-2/555555/4h5p4---] pm.... pm.... pm pm....
Then intro, which is also the main riff is played again after that, for a couple of times and that’s when David starts to sing. After that is the third riff, which I think is a little weird too I’m not sure I got it right but it sounds ok to me. This is repeated kind of fast one after the other.
Riff 3 [-------------------------][-------------------------][-------------------------][-------7p6---7p6---7p6---][-------7p6---7p6---7p6---][3/6-666---666---666---666] pm. pm. pm. pm.
Then comes the tricky riff, yeah they're octaves but played in a very singular way.let me explain if it's too dificult, you play an open fifth string then you hammer on the next one,right after that you tap the octave and it gives you the effect,*this kind of effect is also used in pain divine and god of emptyness.I'll call this riff four b, because then there's another variation of this which I'll call riff four b.
Riff 4a[----------------------------------------------------------------------------][----------------------------------------------------------------------------][----------t9--t12-t11----------t9-t10--t7-----------t9--t12-t11-------------][----10/9-----------------10/9-----------------10/9-----------------10/9-9/10][-----8/7-0h7-0h10-0h9-----8/7-0h7-0h8-0h5------8/7-0h7-0h10-0h9-----8/7-7/8-][0000------------------0000----------------0000------------------0000--------] pm.. pm.. pm.. pm..
Then Riff one or the intro is played again while David sings, After this comes riff 3 , then comes what i call riff four b.
Riff 4b [----------------------------------------------------------------][----------------------------------------------------------------][----------t9--t12-t11----------t9-t10--t7-----------t8-t11--t13-][----10/9-----------------10/9-----------------10/9--------------][-----8/7-0h7-0h10-0h9-----8/7-0h7-0h8-0h5------8/7-0h6-0h9-0h11-][0000------------------0000----------------0000------------------] pm.. pm.. pm..
Then comes one of the easiest riffs of the whole song riff five it didn't take me that long to figure it out. Riff 5[-------------------------------------][-------------------------------------][-------------------------------------][-----10/9----10/9----10/9------------][------8/7-----8/7-----8/7----10/11/10][00000----66666---00000---666--8/9//8-] pm... pm... pm... pm.
then at the end of riff 5 there's a little variation of it I'm going to post it anyway.outro for riff 5[-------------------------------------------][-------------------------------------------][-------------------------------------------][-----10/9----10/9----10/9------------------][------8/7-----8/7-----8/7----10/11-77777777][00000----66666---00000---666--8/9--55555555] pm... pm... pm... pm.
Then riff one or intro is played while the solo starts, don't ask me about the solo i just play whatever i can understand, most of it consists of wah fast pickin and very high harmonics with the wammy bar, After that comes a little variation of the intro or riff one, which is what's next, in which a solo is taking place too.
[----------------------------------------][----------------------------------------][----------------------------------------][------------------------------3-4-5-----][---8/7/8-4--7-6-5--8/7/8-4--6--------5--][---6/5/6-2--5-4-3--6/5/6-2--4--------3--] pm...
Then after this comes Riff 1 again for the last time, After that comes Riff 3, and right after that comes Riff 4b but with a different ending since it's the end of the song, It's easy but I'll post it anyway
[----------][----------][-----10/9-][-----10/9-][------8/7-][--0000----] pm..
I have a few more songs tabbed out that are not here on the catacombs, feel free to Email me and ask me for any song, i might know it. my e mail is this is my first post and i know if i wanna take the time to do it again It's kind of boring, but anyone asks me for any specific song and i know it, I'll type it down and post it. thanks enjoy. Trey is the best
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