Morcheeba - Otherwise chords version 2

Morcheeba - Otherwise

Intro x 1

[Verse 1]
AmThey wanted me here
DmJust to show you my face
AmBut when it comes to the crunch
DmI just hide in disgrace
AmYou're calling me mad
DmBut i know you're the same
Am DmCause you got to be seen to be playing the game
Am GmYes we got to be seen to be playing, the game
DmIt ain't gonna hurt now
Gm CIf you open up your eyes
DmYou're making it worse now
Gm CEverytime you criticise
DmI'm under your curse now
Gm CBut I call it compromise
Am7I thought that you were wise
GmBut you were otherwise
[Verse 2] (same as verse 1) A specimen like you I would love to obtain I asked a tedious guy if he'll tell me your name I'd love to impress you With a back somersault I want to take out your love But it's locked in a vault I wanna take up your love But it's locked in a vault CHORUS [Verse 3]
GmWhen i open my mouth
Dm I'm so brutally honest
C DmAnd i can't expect that kind of love from you
CWhen you open your mouth
Dmyour teeth are beautifully polished
C DmAnd i can't extract the pain you're going through
ANo i can't explain
The pain you're going through CHORUS x 2 then Intro, and finish with a Dm (on 5th fret)
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