Morcheeba – Rome Wasnt Built In A Day tab

         C                C
You and me we're meant to be
         Bb        F
Walking free in harmony
          C              C
One fine day we'll fly away
                     Bb                     F
Don't you know that Rome wasn't built in a day
Hey hey hey

C                Bb                   F
In this day and age it's so easy to stress
C                    F                               Bb
'Cause people are strange and you can never second guess
C             Bb                       F
In order to love child we got to be strong
C                   F                         Bb
I'm caught in the crossfire why can't we get along
yeah that's it. it was pretty easy to figure out the chords by ear, it might not be 
but sounds similar, and it's good for me. hope you enjoy it too.
peace out =)
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