Mordecai – Ar tab

Words and Music by Nate Ferguson
Produced by Matt Caffrey and Nate Ferguson
Copywrited 2000 


C		F			   Am
I never dreampt it’d start like this
 		F			       F
I never hoped I miss you like this
		     F                                 Am	
You left me there love struck and dazed 
                                   F                         C
You’ll never know what I felt that day.

C                        F                    Am
You took my heart ripped it out
                   F                           C
Then you ran as far as you could
                    F                                 Am
I have no sense you robbed me blind
                      F                                  C
I hope you know what you did to me
                           F                  Am       F
I never wanna forget how I felt that day.

C                     F                    Am
When I ‘m alone I think of you
                          F                                   C
Then all my troubles and pains are gone
                  F                    Am
So listen now to what I say
                    F                          C
It’s very import so hear me out

C                 F                 Am
Never change just one bit
                          F                            C
The way you take my heart from me
                F                     Am                 F
I like it now I hope you do

C                   F                Am       F
But never ever tear my heart in two

C                 F                    Am
I’m sittin here thinkin’ hard
                        F                                   C
You’ll never kow what this means to me
                F                         Am
I never want  things to change
                                 F                       C    
I wish there were more hours in a day
                         F               Am
To spend my time with  you
                               F                  C
So please tell me this is not a dream

C                 F                       Am
I want this all  all to work out
C            F      Am          F   
I never go back how it was
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