Morgan Cryar – What Sin chords

 Bb   Eb   Cm F/A

BbIt happened so long ago
Ebmaj7I cried out for mercy back then
GmI plead the blood of Jesus
Eb F Gm F/ABegged Him to forgive my sins
BbBut I still can't forget it
EbIt just won't go away
GmSo I wept again
Bb"Lord, wash my sin"
Eb FBut this is all He'd say
Bb F/A What sin, what sin
Gm Bb/F Eb F That's as far away as the east is from the west
Bb F/A What sin, what sin
Gm Bb/F Eb It was gone the very minute you confessed
Fsus Bb Cm7/F Buried in the sea of forgetfulness
BbThe heaviest thing you'll carry
EbIs a load of guilt and shame
GmYou were never bear it
Eb F Gm F/ASo let them go in Jesus' name
BbOur God is slow to anger
EbAnd quick to forgive our sin
Gm BbSo let Him put them under the blood
Eb Fsus FDon't bring them up again
'Cause He'll just say Repeat Chorus Bridge: (much louder) Bb F/A Gm Bb/F Eb Eb/D
Cm Bb/D EbOh, Lord please deliver me
Bb/D CmFrom my accusing memory
Bb/D EbNothing makes me weep this way
Fsus FThan when I hear You say
Repeat Chorus (softer, as before) (Ending chords) Bb F/A Gm Bb/F Eb Gm F Bb
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