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Morning Musume – Do It Now tab

From: Christopher Nole (

This song is a bit complex, but once you get the rhythm it's all fun.


C-  Ab  Eb  G

Chorus theme (do it now! anata ga motteru...)

C-  Ab   Bb   Eb 
F-  Bb   Eb   G  Ab

Verses (saisho no deeto no kaerimichi...)

C-  Ab   Bb   Eb
F-  G    Cm  (B Bbsus4 F7/A)
Ab  G   

Repeat it but finish it like this:

Ab  G  Cmsus2  Cm  C7

(ga otozuretemo...)

F-   Bb   Eb   C-
G   (7)   C-   Eb
Ab   Bb   G    C-
Ab   G (sus4)

Chorus  (Itsumo itsumademo...)

C-  Ab   Bb   Eb
F-  Bb   Eb   G (sus4)
C-  Ab   Bb   Eb 
F-  Bb   Eb   G (sus4) AbM7

(machigatta tte shou ga nai deshou...)

Ab (M7)   Bb    C-   Eb
G    C- (sus2)  C    C7
F-   Bb     C-   Eb(M7)
Ab   Gsus4  G    (C-)

Repeat verse

Here comes the modulation

B-   G   D     F#
B-   G   E7(9)  F#7  G7(#5)

Repeat Chorus

End of the song:

C-  Ab
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