Morphine – In Spite Of Me tab

Well Im the first to post this song. its all there just listen to the song where
and when to play. this is a great song not quite Morphine but it will do =)

Last night I told a stranger all about you They smiled patiently with disbelief I always knew you would succeed No matter what you tried
And I know you did it all In spite of me Still I'm proud to have know you For the short time that I did Glad to have been a step up on your way Proud to be part of your illustrious career And I know you did it all In spite of me In spite of me Late last night I saw you in my living room You seemed so close but yet so cold For a long time I thought that You'd be coming back to me Those kind of thoughts can be so cruel So cruel And I know you did it all In spite of me, in spite of me
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