Morrison Van – Brown Eyed Girl tab ver. 2

Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:10:25 -0500
From: "Jeffrey J. Gray" 

{title: Brown Eyed Girl}
{st: Van Morrison}

[A]Hey, where did [D]we go    [A]days when the [E7]rain came
[A]Down in  the hol[D]low    p[A]laying a [E7]new game
[A]Laughing, and a r[D]unning, hey, hey. [A]skipping and a-ju[E7]mping 
[A]in the misty [D]morning fog,[A] with our h[E7]earts a thumpin' and [A]you
M[D]y brown eyed gi[F#m]rl   Y[D]ou, m[E7]y brown eyed gi[A]rl[E7]

[A]Whatever happened[D] to Tues[A]day and so [E7]slow
[A]Going down to the [D]old man with a [A]transistor rad[E7]io
[A]Standing in the s[D]unlight laughing, [A]hiding behind a r[E7]ainbow's wall
[A]Slipping and a sl[D]iding, hey, hey, A[A]ll along the [E7]waterfall with [A]you,
[D]my brown eyed g[F#m]irl. Y[D]ou, m[E7]y brown eyed gi[A]rl


D[E7]o you remember when we used to sing
S[A]ha la la la  l[D]a la la la  l[A]a la la la te da[E7]   Just like that
S[A]ha la la la  l[D]a la la la  l[A]a la la la te   d[E7]a    la te d[A]a

[A]So hard to [D]find my way,  [A]Now that I'm all [E7]on my own 
[A]I saw you just [D]the other day, my,[A] how you have[E7] grown
[A]Cast my memory ba[D]ck there Lord. Som[A]etimes I'm ov[E7]ercome thinkin' 'bout it
[A]Makin' love in the [D]green grass b[A]ehind the s[E7]tadium with you[A], 
[D]my brown eyed gir[F#m]l you,[D] my b[E7]rown eyed girl[A]

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