Morrison Van – Brown Eyed Girl tab ver. 3

Well since people keep sending corrections, I will incorporate them and
post a complete version.  Thanks to all you who keep sending those 
corrections.   I played it this way and it sounded pretty good.
Please note that this is not all my work but rather various contributions
from people in the group.  I take no credit and don't want any.

Previous versions:
From: (campbell stephen a)
From: (Sam Hokin)

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Brown eyed Girl - Van 'The Man' Morrison

Intro:G C --7--8----10----8---7----|12--13----15----13----12--------- --8-10----12---10---8----|13--15----17----15----13--------- -------------------------|--------------------------------- repeat -------------------------|--------------------------------- -------------------------|--------------------------------- -------------------------|---------------------------------
D G 5---2---3---5------------|-3------------------------------- 7---3---5---7------------|-0------------------------------- -------------------------|-0-----(now go into verse)------- -------------------------|-0------------------------------- -------------------------|-2-------------------------------
Or You can play this (you may find this is a little closer to the recorded version)
--3--5--7--5--3---|-6--8--10--8--6 ------------------|--------------- --4--5--5--5--4---|-7--8--10--8--6 etc. ------------------|--------------- ------------------|--------------- ------------------|---------------
Main: (You can play a mix of D and D7 to get sort of a fill at the end of each verse) G C G D Hey, where did we go days when the rain came G C G D Down in the hollow playing a new game G C Laughing, and a running, hey, hey G D G C Skipping and a jumping in the misty morning fog, G D C D G Em with our hearts a thumpin' and you, my brown eyed girl C D G You, my brown eyed girl Whatever happened to Tuesday and so slow Going down to the old mine With a transistor radio Standing in the sunlight laughing Hiding behind a rainbow's wall Slipping and a sliding All aling the waterfall With you, my brown eyed girl You, my brown eyed girl bridge: D7 Do you remember when we used to sing G C G D7 Sha la la la la la la la te da Just like that G C G D7 G Sha la la la la la la la te da la te da Now that I'm all on my own I saw you just the other day My, how you have grown Cast my memory back there Lord Sometimes I'm overcome thinkin' 'bout it Laughing and a running hey, hey Behind the stadium With you, my brown eyed girl You, my brown eyed girl Play bridge again
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