Morrissey – Certain People I Know tab

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Hi all, i decided to send you another song of The greatest Morrisey,
Which will be "Certain people i know" from his grammy nominated album
"Your arsenal".

Before i start, i wanna show you the pattern of the chords, they way they're

G C D D# Cm orE-|--------2-------2------2----2--------0------2-----6-----3------3-----------|B-|--------2-----2------2---------------1------3-----8-----4------4-----------|G-|----0-------0------0-----0-----0-----0------2-----8-----3------5-----------|D-|-------------------------------------2------0-----8------------5-----------|A-|-------------------------------------3------------6------------3-----------|E-|-3-----------------------------------3-------------------------------------|
The fills : 1st fill :
2nd fill :
Now, in this fill - you play each noth 4 times after the slide, which not counts as one. 3rd fill :
You play the 1st note 10 times, and after the 1st slide, play the notes on the 10th fret 20 times, and after that you return to play each note 10 times, excapt for the last 2, with are one strumming only. Outro : For the outro, 1st play this part of the 1st fill.
after that, play this nice riff :
And here are the chords : G C D G I take the cue from Certain People I Know, C D G (Now you play the 1st fill) I use the cue and then I hand it on to you. D# Cm D# Cm And when I swing it so it catches his eye, D C G Would you dare? You'd have died. C D G I trust the views of Certain People I Know, C D G (And the 1st fill again) They look at danger and they laugh their heads off. D# Cm D# Cm Their clothes are imitation George The Twenty-Third, D C G Don't you find this absurd? C D G I'd hate to be like Certain People I Know, C D They break their necks and can't afford to get them fixed (Now play the 2nd fill, and after him the 3rd fill). D# Cm D# Cm They'd sacrifice all of their principles for, D C ``Anything casual'' -- G C D G I do believe it's terrible. C D G Oh, oh, oh. Ah, ah, ah. C D G Oh, oh, oh. Ah, ah, ah. C D (Now is the 3rd fill, play it twice) Oh, oh, oh. Ah, ah, ah. In the end, play again The G pattern, and the the outro. Well, that's it for now. Again, any correction, comments, requests or anything - my email is Itay Kashti . thanks in advance. Goodbye for now. Itay.
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