Morrissey – Lifeguard Sleeping tab

Gm  Bb   Dm   C   A

Dm                   Bb
Always looking for attention
       F           E
Always needs to be mentioned
Who does she think she should be
Dm            Bb
The shrill cry through darkening air
            F    E                    A
Doesn~t she know he~s had such a busy day

Bb     F
                   Gm   Bb
somebody tell her...

Dm   C   A   Dm   Gm   C   F   A

Dm              Bb
It was only a test but she swam
    F               E
Too far against the tide
She deserves what she gets
Dm             Bb
The sky became mad with stars
       F            E   A
As an outstretched arm slowly disappears

Bb       F
    Gm        Bb
oh hooray, ayyy...

Dm    C   A   Dm    Gm  C   F   A

Please don~t worry
There~ll be no fuss
    Dm  C        A
She was nobody~s nothing

Dm  C   A   Dm     Gm  C   F   A

Dm           Bb
When he awoke the sea was calm
      F         E             A
And another day passes like a dream...

Gm    Bb    Dm  C   A

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