Morrissey – Spring Heeled Jim tab

This is the second song off of -Vauxhall & I- and a pretty good one in my
opinion.  I play this song with a capo on the fourth fret.  The intro and
interlusions (if there is such a word) are this RIFF:

   F                         Am

G#-------------1-----------|-------------0-----------|D#-------1--------1--------|-------1--------1--------| B---2------2-------2----2-|---2------2-------2----2-|F#-3---3---------------3---|-----2---------------2---|C#-------------------------|-0-----------------------|G#-------------------------|-------------------------|
E Am Spring-Heeled Jim winks an eye C D Dsus4 He~ll do, he~ll never be done to E Am He takes on whoever flew through C D Well it~s the normal thing to do (ahhh) RIFF E Am Spring-Heeled Jim lives to love C D Dsus4 Now kissing with his mouth full E Am And his eyes on some other fool C D So many women, his head should be spinning (oh but no) RIFF E Am Spring-Heeled Jim slurs the words C D Dsus4 There is no need to be so knowing E Am Take life at five times your average speed C D Dsus4 Like I do E Am Until Jim feels the chill C D Dsus4 Oh where did all the time go E Am Once always in for the kill C Now it~s too cold D And he feels too old RIFF (ending instrumental played with verse chords)
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