Morrissey – Morning Starship chords


D G5/D Bm
Dsus4 D
G5/D Bm
Dsus4 D

[Verse 1]

G5/D Bm Dsus4 D G5/D Bm........Who was that sneaking up the stairs?
Bm Dsus4 DTaking a hairpin from her hair
A F#m DA vision of the locks fallin' down
G D EmCrossed my mind and played with the sound
G A DOf tapping, gentle tapping at my morning starship
[break 1] | D D G G | Bm | [Verse 2]
Bm D G5/D BmThe crystal glint of the turning glass
Bm D G5/DThe creaking sound of the rusted latch
A F#m DAs she slowly opened the door
G D EmThe darkness told me nothing more
G A DExcept to say that she was near my morning starship
C Em F#She stood within the threshold silently
F# G Bm (G5/D)A ray of moonlight caught her eyes
C Em F#Without a word she said, "Could I come in?"
F# G BmAnd I said, "Well, you´re in already
E G AYou might as well sit down and stay awhile"
[break 2] | G Bm | A D | | G Bm | A D | [Verse 3]
G Bm D G Bm She made her way across the room
Bm D GHer golden hair eclipsed the moon
A F#m DThe perfect head framed in silver blue
G D EmFound its way to mine and then I knew
G A DThe girl, the girl, the girl had flown my morning starship
C Em F#Aaaaaaaalalalallalalalallllalaaaallalalla
F# G Bm (G5/D)lalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalal
C Em F#Aaaaaaalalalllalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
F# G Bmlalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal
E G Alalalalalalalalalalalalalaa oooooooooo
[break 3] | D D D D | G G G G | | Bm Bm Bm Bm | [verse 4]
Bm D G BmShe's gone away, what can I do?
Bm D GShe took the key, she's got the clue
A F#m DMysteries unfold with the latch
G D EmWhat she knows I'll never forget
G A DThe girl, the girl, the girl has flown my morning starship
G A DYeah, she travels with me now in my morning starship
G A G A G/B A/C# DOh, boom, boom, boom, morning starship
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