Dont Forget Me tab with lyrics by Morten Abel - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Morten Abel – Dont Forget Me tab

AM        G

I fell in love

Em            D     G    Em

   We startet dating

                D       G   Em

At first it was frightening

                  D     G   Am

I wished it could go away

                  G     Em

Knocked down you door

        D    G   Em


             D      G    Em

We started up flirting

             D     G

But ended up hating


Dont forget me

D                     Em

Just let time decide

                    C                             G

Let the ocean drain, and all the stars fall down

                  D                         Em

We both knew the story, and how its ending


Its been good to know you baby, but we`ll never speak again

Try capo 3rd, sounds better.
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