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Moshe Nathanson – Hava Nagila chords

Hava Nagilah. Moshe Nathanson, a child of 12 years old, composed a lyric named HAVA
NAGILA that was elected by the Rabbi. Its inspiration was based on the psalm 118, verse 24
“zeh hayom asah Ashen naguila ve nishmecha bo” (translation from Hebrew to English: 
“this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”)

Arranged by Michael YISRAEL

Hava Nagila By Moshe Nathanson

Part 1
EHava nagilah hava hava nagilah
Am E Dm EHava nagilah venismecha
Part 2
E DmHava neranena hava neranena
Dm EHava neranena venismecha
Part 3
AmU'ru u'ru achim
AmU'ru achim belev sameach
AmU'ru achim belev sameach
EU'ru achim belev sameach
EU'ru achim belev sameach
EU'ru achim u'ru achim
AmBelev sameach
Translation Hava Nagila, nagila hava, nagila hava (Let’s rejoice) Nagila venismecha (Be glad) Hava neranena, hava neranena (Let’s sing) Uru, uru achim (Wake up brothers) Uru achim belev sameach (Wake up brothers with happy heart)
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