Mother Hubbard – River tab

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Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 14:52:07 +1100 (EST)
From: Daniel Meijer 
Subject: TAB: "River" by Mother Hubbard

"River" by Mother Hubbard.
>From the album "You Me Him She."

Transcribed by Daniel Meijer

OK this is a repost - 2/11/96! Now that the the album is out, I could fix
up the dodgy lyrics. Thanks for the lyric sheet guys :-)

A great song, it goes off live. Yes its pretty "Grungy" but if you're
gonna listen to grunge, listen to the Aussie stuff! Its better than lots
of mass-marketed American music of similar genre.

Some of my lyric transcriptions look like they're done by the Dodgy
Brothers ("50 bucks Jane!"*) so corrections are welcome. [Ah-ha, fixed
now :-)]

Its in 4/4.


Bm Asus4 Em G Bb De---2-----0-------0----3---6----5----|b---3-----3-------0----3---6----7----|g---4-----2-------0----4---7----7----|d---4-----2-------2----5---8----7----|a---2-----0-------2----5---8----5----|e---x-----x-------0----3---6----x----|
F# E F#*---2--------0---------0-------|---2--------0---------0-------|---3--------3---------3-------|---4--------2---------4-------|---4--------2---------4-------|---2--------0---------0-------|
Intro: (distortion) 2 bars of Bm Verse: Bm I'm rolling down the river Asus4 90 miles an hour Em Waiting just to find Bm The blinds are closed at our place Asus4 I'm looking out the door Em The roses are alive, see my smile now Chorus: Listen for the rhythm. G Its in my mind Bb Not far behind D G I hate to see you crying F# Em Now all my thoughts are lying Verse: Bm The tears we cried for last night Asus4 Of losing you I fear Em And I don't want to run too far away from Bm The music that I'm drinking Asus4 Controls the mind I'm thinking Em Hoping just to find someone closed the... Chorus: G Its in my mind Bb Not far behind D G I hate to see you crying F# Em Now all my thoughts are lying Bridge: Bm A Em Hey hey no no etc Outro: (clean tone) F#* E F#* E Your love fills me like a river (repeat several times, then kick into overdrive! mmmm...distortion) F# E Like a river... ________ That's it! Please email me if you are reading this so I know that doing these transcriptions isn't a waste of time..! * What? You never watched the Late Show on Channel 2? |||||||| | ^ ^ | (| * * |) -----------oOOo---(__)---oOOo---------- Daniel Meijer - Sydney, Australia. ----------------------------------------
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