Mother Mother – Wrecking Ball tab

Song: Wrecking Ball
Artist: Mother Mother
Album: O My Heart
Tabbed by: Rory Lidstone

Ok, so. I think this is a fairly accurate tab. Unfortunately,
I just couldn't be bothered to tab out the finger-picked part
near the end note-for-note... Just use your best judgement.

Capo 7, all notes and chord names relative to the capo.

(I'm not sure if this should be 2 guitars. It seems like it, and when
I saw them live, it seemed like Ryan was only playing the main riff part.
You can try just forming the chord and playing both parts simultaneously,
but that might be awkward for the G6 part.)

Gtr 1 Ce|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----0--2--4--2--0-----0-----|D|--2-----------------4-----2--|A|--3-----------------------3--|E|-----------------------------|
Gtr 2 Ce|--0------0------0------0-----|B|------1------1------1------1-|G|----0-0----0-0----0-0----0-0-|D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
Do that x2. Then:
Gtr 1 G6e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----0--2--4--2--0-----0-----0--2--4--2--0-----0-----------0-------------|D|--0-----------------4-----0-----------------4-----0--2--4-----4--2--2--0-|A|--2-----------------------2-----------------------2----------------------|E|--3-----------------------3-----------------------3----------------------|
Gtr 2 G6e|---0-------0--------0-------0-------0-------0--------0-------0-----------|B|--------3-------3--------3-------3-------3-------3--------3-------3------|G|------4-4-----4-4------4-4-----4-4-----4-4-----4-4------4-4-----4-4------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
So just repeat that whole section as needed for the intro/verse until: Chorus Am F I am unruly in the stands, C I am a rock on top of the sand, D I am a fist amidst the hands D and I break it just because I can. Then there's another verse, then chorus then: Bridge G Em D Let's break it! (just because we can.) G Em D Deface it! (just because we can.) G Em Let's break it! F Am F Am Just because.. just because.. just because.. F G C just beca a ause The C chord from the bridge melds back into the chorus with a fingerpicked C chord. Descend the root note from C to B then into the Am root note:
C B Ame|-----------0------------|B|-----------1------------|G|-----------2------------|D|-----------2------------|A|--3--2--0--0------------|E|------------------------|
In fact, do that when going from C to Am in this entire next section until the "because i can" part. Am F I am unruly in the stands C I am a rock on top of the sand Am I am a fist amidst the hands F and I make a wreck out of my hand C I make a fist and not a plan C! Am <--Start strumming hard! and I break it just because I can! F C because I can! because I can! Am F because I can! because I can! C Am because I can! because I can! F G C because I ca a ann... The C melds into the first bit from the intro/verse, which gets played a couple times. The last time, though, the second part ends like this:
That's it! Mostly, anyway. Enjoy!
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