Motherfolk – I Know chords

Capo 1

GIve grown weary of the phone
C GHoney, leave me the hell alone
C GI just need to find some peace of mind
D D7Thatll carry me on my way
GMarry a girl I used to know
C GIll give her all my love in gold
C GThen my heart can stay mine, and mine alone
D D7Safe and sound, stowed away
G C GShe caught my eye in a dream I had last night
C G DFar away from truth, and what Im living in
D7So I just said
GI know that I dont know you that well
CBut I know Ive been missing you like hell
I know I know, I know I know (X2)
G COoooh Oooooh Oooooh
VERSE: (stop) Ive burnt the letters that you wrote
C GWish I could force them down your throat
C GAll the lies you gave my heart to hold
DAre safe and sound
D7Still stowed away for that day I tell you
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