Motor Ace - Carry On tab

Just correcting the tab made on this song by Flash Heart.

Chords: Em7 (x22030)
        Em7/G# (x22430)
        Dsus2 (xx0230)
        Dsus4 (xx0233)
        Cadd9/E (x32030)
        Cadd9 (x32033)
        G (320033)
        Bm (x24432)

 Intro(x4): Em7 - Dsus2 - Cadd9/E - Dsus2 

 Verse(x2): Em7 - G - Bm 
        Cadd9/E -Dsus2 (x2)
Pre chorus: Cadd9 - Dsus4
           'Is this way home......'

 Chorus: (same as intro)
        'We just stare.............'

 Repeat verse 

 Repeat pre chorus

 Repeat chorus

 Bridge(x4): Em7/G# - Dsus2 - Cadd9/E - Dsus2
        'Carry on..on..on'

 Repeat verse 

 Pre chorus x2

 Repeat chorus
 Outro: (same as bridge)

 Submitted by Pettyisking, email at
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