Motorhead – Rock N Roll tab

			  ROCK 'N' ROLL - Motorhead
Tabbed by:Lupin Zygzak


Em                             D  Em
Well here, babe, look at you, and you with someone else,
Turned out like all the others, leave me by myself,
Em                          Am
That's how it works I guess, and you like all the rest
C                     D
Guess I can handle it, if that's the way it is

Em                                  Am
'Cos I'm in love with rock 'n' roll, it satisfies my soul
C                          D
If that's how it has to be, I won't get mad
Em                  Am
I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold
C                          D
And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad
Rock 'n' roll

Em                 D  Em
I never been a one to have no steady girl,
I love the way I live, runnin' round the world
Em                    Am
I like to fool around, I love to tear 'em down
C                             D
And when I leave, you love to miss me when I'm gone


Em                 D    Em
I can't imagine growin' old with anyone
Marching to a different drum, I hear a different song
Em                     Am
I swear I love 'em all, I don't care if they're small
C                            D
I don't care if they're tall, love 'em anyway


Note: This is easy version. If you want to play it like in original,
you need to transpose it one semitone down.

Have fun!

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