Mould Bob – Cant Fight It tab

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From: doogs@MCS.COM (Daniel Glovier)

Can't Fight It
Bob Mould (From the album "No Alternative")
Tabbed by Dan Glovier

Notes: For lack of a better name, I named the one chord G/F.
Also, not to sure about the Amsus2 in the "Our house was built.."
line and its match in the second verse.

         C/G                                    D
And it's strange to watch the things we had all fade away
G               G/F       G
It all seemed so certain, It all seemed so permanent
C/G                                D                 Dsus4 D Dmx3 D
And I'm sure no one else suspected anything was wrong
G               G/F       G                      Amsus2
It all seemed so perfect, Our house was built on good intentions
G              E               Am  Asus2 Am Amsus2 Am/G
Promise not to see it end this way
F            D               G
So unsure of what remains at home
        E             Am Asus4 Am Amsus2 Am Am Amsus2 Am Amsus2 Am
Nothing left in common
F        D                 G               E                Am
We faced up to all the fears, it's time for consequences

              Asus4 Am Amsus2 Am
It's gone and I can't find it
              Asus4 Am Amsus2 Am(All with a G base)
You're gone and I can't fight it
Asus4 Am Amsus2 Am(All with a F# base)

Divied up the friendships that we used to share
Try and understand me if I stumble now and then
Some miscommunication stood between both you and I
You made your decision, here's hoping it's the right one
But God knows this decision you can change
And I can never hold you down again this I understand
So please forgive the tears there's no turning back


Outro: Just pick the chords


C/G   : 332010
G     : 320033
G/F   : 1x0033
Am/G  : 312210
Am/F# : 212210
Dmx3  : xx0230 (Dm no third)
Amsus2: x02200
Asus4 : x02230

Let me know if you hear something else! Please send all chord and lyric
changes to:
Dan Glovier

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