Mozart Season – Groupie Without Teh Secks tab

The entire song can be played with power chords.You CAN use open chords they will sound better but this works too. I think they do a of sorts in the actual song. AnywaysThe chords used are the following-- D G B* Ae[---] [---] [---] [---]b[---] [---] [---] [---]g[-7-] [---] [-4-] [---]d[-7-] [-5-] [-4-] [-7-]a[-5-] [-5-] [-2-] [-7-]E[---] [-3-] [---] [-5-]
Intro: Guitar 1 D G B A (listen for the timing it's easy)
Guitar 2e[-3-2-----------3-2-5---------]b[-----3-0-3-2---------3-3-2---]g[-------------2-------------2-]d[-----------------------------]a[-----------------------------]E[-----------------------------]
D She said "leave just as quick as you came" G Before its more than just a game B*(play Bm if you use open chords instead) Watch the pieces A Fall into place, and he said D "Baby take it from me G You're sweet as candy B A G And I've never ever ever been teased..." D Sweat from one night G Is more than you can take D Only one fight to avoid your life's G B A G Biggest mistake D Just keep telling yourself G You're worth more than you think B G (Than you think of me) B A I've got two pennies on all your thoughts, and your G True winning has been here all along She said B A "I'LL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU SHOW ME YOURS" G A Just take her hand. Have fun leading her through All the wrong doors From there on it just repeats the same parts it' pretty easy if you're listening to the song Good luck Keep listening to Mozart Season!
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