Mozella – Amnesia chords

This Should Probably be capo'd - figure out where your voice is and capo there.

D AHelp me cause Im falling and I just can't see you
C G You came along and took a hold of me.
D You gave me sugar-coated valentines
APromises that you were mine.
C GTying up my line. Talking dirty to me.
A7 C A7And all I need I thought I found.
C You only let me down you went sleeping around. around.
D AI wanna go back to the day before I met ya.
CThings would be better
GIf I could forget ya.
D ASomebody give me something strong so I can release ya.
CI double shot of amnesia
GLife could be sweeter (for me).
D AEveryone was saying what are you doing playin
C GWith her heart when you don't care.
D GShes much to young to string along put her back where she belongs.
C GWhy you doing her wrong. its just not fair.
A7 CAnd all I need is piece of mind
A7I wanna put it behind
CQuit wastin my time. My time.
A7 CYea you only let me down.
A7 CHow you turn a girl around.
A7 CAnd now I need some piece of mind.
A7I want to put this behind.
CStop wastin all my time.
chorus x2
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