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From Sun May  4 10:16:48 1997
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 97 15:03:00 PDT
To: olga 
Subject: TAB: 'You Today' by 'Mr. T Experience'

This is "You Today" by the mr.t experience
b-side from the single "Alternative is Here to Stay"
Tabbed by T. Demers (
Words/Music by Dr. Frank

I'm bored today
        C                       D                  G
and everything is here to be ignored today
C                 D                                         G
scattered everywhere out on the floor today
        C            D                 G           G   C   G
and i don't care about you.
I lost my job today
             C                       D                      G
which used to be the way i could afford to live
     C                       D                          G
to hate another day and now i can't afford
      C               D                  G          G  C  G
to even be bored any more.
Em                                    D
It's kinda good to feel bad again,
sad again,
mad again
I'll be doing that again,
G                         C              D
i don't need to tell you i do it really well.
You said good-bye today
         C            D                           G
and i'm just here still asking why today
         C                   D                             G
and not another year, i'm gonna cry today
        C          D                   G         G  C  G
and i don't care about you.
Em                         D
Maybe it wasn't bad to do
C                               G
you did what you had to do
maybe i believe it too
G                C                      D                             G
but i keep saying that i don't care about you
                         C           D                         G
today, i don't know what i'm gonna do today
                     C                 D           G
and there's a lot to get through today
           C             D               G

and i don't care about you... today.
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