Mr T Experience – Will You Still Love Me When I Dont Love You tab

Ive never submitted a tab so this might be shitty looking but it should sound great......

C                       E
Will you still love me, when I dont love you
F                   G
I sure hope you do, it would be an ego boost
C                 E
when I leave you, will you still be true
F                        G
phone me up every night, ask me if Im eating right
      F      G              E             F
cause I cant stay with you, Ive got other things to do
but while Im away, it sure would be great
   F         G            E          F
if you would wait for me, cherish my memory
F                              G
keep my picture by your bed, remember all the things I said
    F           G         E                F
and you know if you would it would make me look good 
                   G               C
and everyone would say hes quite a guy

Repeat for 2nd verse.          YOURE WELCOME!!!(just teasing)
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