Mrs Greenbird – Shooting Stars And Fairy Tales chords

Capo 2nd Fret

Chords used
A2 (x02200)
A2/G (302200)
A2/F# (202200)
B5 (x244xx)
G6 (320400)
E (022100)
D (xx0233)
F#m (244222)
C#m (x46654)
A5 (x022xx)
F#5 (244xxx)
E5 (022xxx)

Intro & Verse:A2 A2/G A2/F# A2/G------0----0-0-------0----0-0----------0----0-0---------------------|------0----0-0-------0----0-0----------0----0-0--------0------------|------2----2-2-------2----2-2----------2----2-2--------2------------| x2------2----2-2-------2----2-2----------2----2-2--------2--------0h2-|----0----------------0----0-0----------0----0-0-------------0h2-----|----------------3-----------------2-----------------3---------------|
B5 G6 Shooting stars and fairy tales
B5 E They are the wind in my sails
D F#mI’m feeling fireworks in here
A2 Light up the athmosphere
E And I can see so far
D F#m I’m feeling fireworks in here
A2 You are the wish my dear
E I made upon the star
D You can call me crazy
A2 E call me any way you do
No chords this star has fallen for you Intro & Verse Bridge
B5 A5 You and I – are a universe
F#5 E5 You and I – are a universe
Have fun - Johnny D. Angelo
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