Ms Dynamite – Dy-na-mi-tee tab

Dy-Na-Mi-Tee by Ms. Dynamite

This is taken from the Coldplay/Ms. Dynamite acoustic performance. Guitar 1 plays the
chords while Guitar 2 plays the riff. Simple, no?

Standard tuning

Chords: E (7th fret) - Gm 

Main riff:

E Gm Ee |-6--(h)7------------|--7----------------------|B |-----------9--7-----|—(9)--10--7--------------|G |-----------------9--|—(9)--------9--7---------| repeat throughout D |--------------------|------------------10--9--| songA |--------------------|-------------------------|E |--------------------|-------------------------|
Pretty simple, pretty straight-forward. ~ Nimy
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