Mudhoney - Acetone tab

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Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 03:42:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: chords:  "Acetone" by "Mudhoney"



Simple chord progression here that carries through the entire song:

Right after the second G there is a little walk up on the low E before going back to the first G:


This is a very easy song.


N.C. G                         D
Good morning dear, I think I'm losing it
C                         G                 (walk up)
Can't find my way and I'm getting used to it
G                            D
Sun refuses to shine on this side of the street
C                       G            (walk up)
And I'm not recognizing anyone I meet
G                      D
Try not to hide in the shadow of the sun
C                  G     (walk up)
You're not fooling anyone

(chorus, same progression)

Ohhhh Oh Oh Acetone
Won't you ever leave me alone
Ohhhh Oh Oh Acetone
Ohhhh Oh Acetone

Look at me, and answer truthful now
Did you drink that last spoonful down
She drinks from the bitter cup
I'm trying to get her to give it up
Oh lord what have we become
We're not fooling anyone

Ohhhh Oh Oh Acetone
Why can't she leave you alone
Ohhhh Oh Oh Acetone
Ohhhh Oh Acetone

My feet are dragging down this dusty old road
My brew is dry and I'm all alone
I remember when we walked side by side
When I was parched I would drink in your sight
I never meant to make you run
I never meant to hurt anyone

Ohhhh Oh Oh Acetone
Why couldn't you leave us alone
Ohhhh Oh Oh Acetone
Ohhhh Oh Acetone

(Fade out with the chords)
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