Mugison - Murr Murr tab version 1

I've enjoyed this song by Icelandic Mugison for a long time, so I thought I'd give 
a bit of it a shot.

See it as a first draft and please improve on it. There are a lot of nice details and 
to be found in the song.

Specifically, I have not tabbed the fast descent in the middle of the song. If I'm not 
enough to play it, why tab it? ;-)

This is a tab of the album version (from Mugimama - Is this monkey music? ).

There are two guitars (or overdubbing) involved on the album. This is a tab for one 

Now, get that ringfinger and pinky tapping!

/-slide up
[]-natural harmonic

Tuning: D A D G B E

Intro riff (also used in the song many times at the end of rhythm figure 1, with the Am blending into the beginning of next rhythm figure 1) D5 C5 B5 Ame|-----------|B|-----------|G|-----------|D|-12-10-9-7-|A|-12-10-9-7-|D|-12-10-9-7-|
Rhythm figure 1 Ame|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|---7--------7--7-7---10p7-|A|---7-7h10h11---7-7---7----|D|-7-----------7-----7------|
At one point (at 1:26) the last part is repeated several times: Ame|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|---10p7-|A|---7----|D|-7------|
Rhythm figure 2 This part is - like many others - quite muddled. This is a simplification. The high are very soft.
D5 C5 D5 C5 B5e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------17-14-------17-14------13-10------13-10------13-10---------------|D|----12----------12---------10---------10---------10-----------12--10--9-|A|----12----------12---------10---------10---------10-----------12--10--9-|D|-/12---------/12---------10---------10---------10-------------12--10--9-|
Rhythm figure 3 This comes after the quick descent just after the one minute mark - which I'm not going attempt tabbing. It is also used towards the end of the song.
A5 G5 A5e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|----14--[12]---------| Repeat once (for a total of two times ;-) )D|----14--[12]---7-[7]-|A|-/12-----------7-[7]-|D|-------------7-------|
This is followed by Rhythm figure 4 Here - again - several guitars are involved playing almost the same but transposed somewhat. Here's a shot at the lower register (I'm not that happy with this part).
D5 C5 B5 D5 C5 B5e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------5-------------5-------------5----------------------------|D|---------7--7----------7--7----------7--7----12-10-9-12-10-9---------|A|--7h10h11---7---7h10h11---7---7h10h11---7----12-10-9-12-10-9---------|D|--7-------------7-------------7--------------12-10-9-12-10-9---------|
When playing this at the end of the song finish off with the following harmonic:
Lyrics: I try to do it quietly not a whisper, more like a shock try to disorganize neatly what to keep and what to block I'd shout like that old fly in that window and wait wait for a finger to squeeze or will hesitate? shout A there aint no logic, there aint no plain no roads you can travel free form pain I'm only shoulder i'm only a kiss good for confort and cool for the diss the lord is my mom she's my save I'm her troubled boy unto the grave I pretend she's blessing, blessing me hope she'll save me from this misery
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