Mumford And Sons - I Will Wait chords

I'll keep adding things on this tab when I know them, I don't know the parts where 
Marcus just goes crazy on his guitar and I don't know how to play the
'Raise my hands, paint my spirit gold' thing either.

I might be on to something here but I think the standard tuning for this song is Open C 
and I will keep working on that aswell.

Please put in mind before posting that it's wrong that I won't sound exactly as the song 
since they got Keyboards and a Banjo aswell.
Playing Mumford and Sons song only on a guitar is not the way to play them. Have fun.


Open D Tuning: DADF#AD

x - Muted string

Look at this chart for the chords

B B/D Gb or Gb G or G A or A D-x--x----0-----0---0----0--0----0--0--|-5--5----0-----0---0----0--0----0--0--|-x--x----0-----0---5----5--7----7--0--|-4--4--- 4-----0---0----5--0----7--0--|-2--0----X-----X---x----x--x----x--0--|-X--0----4-----4---5----5--7----7--0--|
----------------------------------------------------------- Intro/Bridge: B B/D Gb G Gb A ----------------------------------------------------------- Verse: Strumming pattern, Down Up Down Down x4 for each chord D G D A
DAnd I came home
GLike a stone
D AAnd I fell heavy into your arms
DThese days of dust
GWhich we've known
D AWill blow away with this new sun
----------------------------------------------------------- Bridge/Interlude or whatever, same as intro B B/D Gb G Gb A Strumming pattern, Down Down Down Up
B B/D GbAnd I'll kneel down
G Gb AWait for now
B B/D GbAnd I'll kneel down
G Gb AKnow my ground
----------------------------------------------------------- Chorus: Single Strums Down D Gb A
D Gb AAnd I will wait, I will wait for you
D Gb AAnd I will wait, I will wait for you
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