Muppets – Scrooge chords

Tabbed by : Minilem
            Craig Howard

C#m A When a cold wind blows it chills you
C#m B C#mChills you to the bone
ABut there's nothing in nature that
C#mfreezes your heart
B A C#mLike years of being alone
C#m A It paints you with indifference
C#m B C#mLike a lady paints with rouge
AAnd the worst of the worst
C#mThe most hated and cursed
B A C#mIs the one that we call Scrooge (yeah)
AUnkind as any
C#mAnd the wrath of many
B A C#mThis is Ebenezer Scrooge
E AOh, there goes Mr. Humbug
E AThere goes Mr. Grim
E AIf they gave a prize for bein' mean
E Athe winner would be him
A EOh, Scroogey loves his money
F#m B'Cause he thinks it gives him power
E A C#m B EIf he became a flavor you can bet he would be sour
E AThere goes Mr. Skinflint
E AThere goes Mr. Greed
E AThe undisputed master of
E AThe underhanded deed
A EHe charges folks a fortune
F#m BFor his dark and drafty houses
E AAs poor folk live in misery
C#m B EIt's even worse for mouses
A EHe must be so lonely
B EHe must be so sad
A EHe goes to extremes
B ETo convince us he's bad
A E B EHe's really a victim of fear and of pride
A ELook close and there must be
C#m Ba sweet man inside.......Naaaah!
E AThere goes Mr. Outrage
E AThere goes Mr. Sneer
E AHe has no time for friends or fun
E AHis anger makes that clear
A EDon't ask him for a favor
F#m B'Cause his nastiness increases
E ANo crust of bread for those in need
C#m B ENo cheeses for us meeses
E AThere goes Mr. Heartless
E AThere goes Mr. Cruel
EHe never gives
AHe only takes
E AHe lets this hunger rule
A EIf bein' mean's a way of life you
F#m Bpractice and rehearse
E AThen all that work is paying off
C#m B E'Cause Scrooge is getting worse
EEvery day
AIn every way
C#m B EScrooge is getting worse
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