Muppets – Im Going To Go Back There Someday chords ver. 3

This is based on Earonoff's and Thohug's transcriptions, but with a few changes, 
especially to the bridge as it didn't sound quite right to me. I think this is a little closer.

This is also based on the version from the Muppet Album which is in 4:4 time, rather 
than the 3:4 time version in the movie.

G Dsus/G Em AThis looks familiar. Vaguely familiar
G Dsus/G Dsus/F# Em AAlmost unreal, yet, it's too soon too feel yet
Am D Bm Esus EClose to my heart, and yet so far away
Am D GI'm going to go back there someday
G Dsus/G D Em ASun rises, Night falls, Sometimes the Sky calls
G Dsus/G Em AIs that a song there? And do I belong there?
Am D Bm Esus EI've never been there, but I know the way
Am D G G/F#I'm going to go back there someday
Em A DCome and fly with me. It's more fun to share
Em Asus A DWe're both be completely at home in mid-air
E C# F#m F#m/EWe're flying, not walking, on featherless wings
D D/C# C Dsus DWe can hold onto love, like invisible strings
G Dsus/G Em AThere's not a word yet for old friends you've just met
G Dsus/G Dsus/F# Em APart heaven, part space. Or have I found my place?
Am D Bm Esus EYou can just visit, but I plan to stay
Am D G G/F# EmI'm going to go back there someday
Am D GI'm going to go back there someday
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