Murmurs – You Suck tab ver. 2

Capo on 6th fret

Intro: D Dsus2 G F D Ge--2--2--2--2--3--2---3--0--1--2--2--2--2--2--2--3--3--3--3--3--3--|B--3--3--3--3--3--3---3--0--1--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--|G--2--2--2--2--2--2---4-----2--2--2--2--2--2--2--0--0--0--0--0--0--|D------------------------------------------------0--0--0--0--0--0--|A------------------------------------------------2--2--2--2--2--2--|E------------------------------------------------3--3--3--3--3--3--|
Riff 1: G F De--3--0--1--2---|B--3--0--1--3---|G--4-----2--2---|
Verse 1: D G No one hurt my fragile little mind right now G It's tangled up D G And don't you know D G The pussycat in me is curling up right now G But I'll bloom D >From the inside out Chorus: C But right now there's dust on my guitar, you fuck G And it's all your fault Am Oh you paralyzed my mind G A D (Riff 1) And for that you suck, uh - huh - huh - hoh ! Verse 2: D Freedom's on my list today G And I'm feelin' pissed G But my timeless thoughts and ageless mind D Won't let you get away (let you get away) G And your guilty little conscience D Won't either *Chorus (play Riff 1 twice on the last line) Bridge: C We all take risks We all fall hard Am But you, you went too far D And I'm too plush for your pathetic dicks G And you're the only one you'll scar *Chorus (change last line to:) G And for that you suck And for that you suck A G Huh-h - oh, hu-hoh,
A G *EHuh-h - oh, hu-hoh,
A *E A *E AHuh-hoh, huh-hoh, huh-hoh!
Special chord: *E EADGBe XX000X X - not played
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