Murphy Peter - Strange Kind Of Love tab


I'm pretty sure this is right, but please feel free to suggest

                          A Strange Kind of Love

                             By: Peter Murphy

played on a 12 string


Am   C    Em   D
Am   C    Em   D


Am   C    Em .........repeat 4X
Am   C    Em   D .....repeat 3X
Am   C    Em .........repeat 1X


D   Dm7         G(D bass)
D   E(D bass)   G(D bass)   Dm7


This whole progression is then repeated.
All chords are open position.
To play the Dm7, slide the open D position up to the 5th fret.
To play the G(D bass) slide open D to 7th fret
To play the E(D bass) slide open D to 4th fret.

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