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Music Man – Til There Was You tab

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From: hertzberg@netcad.enet.dec.com (Marc Hertzberg (History: Love it or leave it!))

         Til There Was You
          (The Music Man)

Intro: F F#dim Gm C7 (repeat)-|--1-----------------------------------------|-|-----1--------------------------------------|-|--------2------------3----------------------|-|-----------4-----/5-----5-------------------|-|---------------------------3----------------|-|--------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: F F#dim There were bells on a hill Gm Bbm But I never heard them ringing F Am G#m Gm No I never heard them at all C7 F Gm C7 Til there was you Verse 2: F F#dim There were birds in the sky Gm Bbm But I never saw them winging F Am G#m Gm No I never saw them at all C7 F F7 Til there was you Middle: Bb Bbm F Then there was music and wonderful roses D7 Gm G7 C C+ They tell me in sweet fragrent meadows of dawn and you Verse 3: F F#dim There was love all around Gm Bbm But I never heard it singing F Am G#m Gm No I never heard it at all C7 F Gm C7 Til there was you Guitar solo to chords of verse...
F F#dim GmE----------------------------------------------5-3-5-3-5-3--|B-----------------------------------------------------------|G---------10-7--------------------8-7----------5-3-5-3-5-3--|D--7-8-10------10-8-7--------7-10-----10-8-7-8--------------|A---------------------10-8-9--------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------|
Bbm F Am Abm Gm C7 FE-8-6-8-6-8-6--1--8---7---6--5-----1-----------------1----------|B--------------1--5---4---3--5-------1-------------1------------|G-8-6-8-6-8-6--2--5---4---3--5---------2---------2--------------|D--------------3--5---4---3--5---------------1-4----------------|A--------------3--7---6---5--3-----------0-3--------------------|E--------------1--5---4---3-----1-------------------------------|
.. then repeat middle, then repeat last verse, then... Ending: C7 Til there was
F Db F FMaj7-|-------10--13--10--13--9---11---9--8---5--5--5--0-----------|-|-------10--10--10--14--9----9---9--10--6--6--6--1-----------|-|-------10--10--10--13--10--10--10--10--5--5--5--2-----------|-|------------------------------------------------3-----------|-|------------------------------------------------3-----------|-|------------------------------------------------1-----------| you.......
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