Mustard Plug – Mr Smiley tab

Mustard Plug - Mr. Smiley
tabbed by PJ

All the chords in the song are skanky, thats the same as syncopated, I =
think :P
I think has a very good lesson on playing ska guitar =
they even have a short video showing how to do it. It's very simple once =
you get it.

Intro:e------------9-9~-------1010~-----77~ x2B----77~-----1010~------1212~-----88~G----77~----------------------------D---------7~--------9~---------5~---A-5~--------------------------------
D A Bm G x2e-5---5---7---3B-7---5---7---3G-7---6---7---4D-7---7---9---5A-5---7---9---5E-5---5---7---3
Verse: Same fingerings for the chords as in the intro D A Bm G x4 Chorus: Same chords, but ska fingerings. You could always just play the same = chords and just play the top 4 strings harder.
D A Bm Ge-2--5--7--3 x4B-3--5--7--3G-2--6--7--4D-4--7--9--5 (optional, you don't have to play the notes on the D =string)
Bridge: Bass solo for 4 bars then
G-7~--6~--7~--4~--2~----- (this is played w/ horns)D---------------------2-0~
and D A Bm G w/ horn solo on top for 8 bars End: in the end everything stops and the bass plays D-0-0-54~ Intro Verse #1 Chorus Bridge Verse #2 Chorus x2 End
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