Mxpx – Im The Bad Guy tab

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Here it is!
Song:  I'm the Bad Guy
Artist: MxPx
Album: Teenage Politics

Riff A:

Riff A Legalistic people suck! B Legalism makes me sick F# I wonder what makes them tick I wanna go puke on it Riff A Ephesians verse 2:8 states B God has saved us not by works but by Grace F# so what's it gonna take? C# there's no getting thru to you B C# So what's it gonna take? F# There's no getting thru to you G# B C# I'm way to young to have a point of view Riff A This whole thing just puts me out B Jesus knows my heart but you don't care F# You'v already made up your mind Don't judge me with your time Riff A Try to change my attitude but it's really hard B I'm so sick of you F# C# God's gonna put me thru Solo: I think it's close, but I'm not sure
REPEAT A COUPLE OF TIMES, THEN FOLLOW IT WITH A F# - REPEAT THIS STEP TWICE What's it gonna take...... end with: I'll always be too young to have a point of view! questions, comments or requests go to I downloaded this from the Official MxPx homepage( I noticed that the OLGA had no MxPx tab so I decided to transfer a few songs. In time I hope to get every song I can on OLGA. Send more if ya gottem. I did not tab this out. But I have played it and it is consistent. The bass tab is usually exactly the same as the guitar part. "PUNX NOT DED" -Ryan Sumner
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