My Bloody Valentine – Never Say Goodbye tab

Never Say Goodbye
from Ecstacy and Wine (1989)

Capo at 3rd fret

Intro riffA# D#E----------------------------------------------------|B-7-7-7-7-7-----5-------7-7-7-7-7-7-5-5--------------|G------------6--------5--5---------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------|
Verse: guitar: A# /// C /// D# /// //// lyrics: Faces in the sand Let me take you by the hand guitar: A# /// C /// D# /// //// lyrics: Hold me if I fall Not a strange and secret land guitar: A# /// C /// D# /// //// lyrics: Dark and scary eyes And you feel you're always this way guitar: A# /// C /// D# /// //// lyrics: Take me by the hand Let me show you games we can play Chorus: guitar: A# /// //// D# /// //// lyrics: Take me by suprise Hide nothing from the shadows guitar: A# /// //// D# /// //// //// //// lyrics: We can kiss the sky Never say goodbye As we chase the clouds away Verse 3: same as other verses, but with the 2nd guitar playing the Intro riff Chords: A#: 320003 C: x02220 D#: x32010
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